If you plan on living in the DR for a while you’re going to need furniture. Furniture stores are actually pretty easy to find in almost any of the smaller towns and in the larger towns you will be able to find high quality items. First step is to decide what you want to spend. If you are only going to be here a few months to a year, some of the cheaper furniture might fit your needs otherwise choose the higher quality furniture, cheap stuff will start falling apart quickly.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic chairs, and tables are extremely common in the DR. Most people have a stack of them somewhere so they have places for visitors to sit. While these are about the same price or at times even more expensive then wood furniture, they also last longer and can be easily stacked to get out of the way.

Wood Dining Sets

One thing you will find with much of the local made furniture that the back of the chairs are at a 90 deg. angle to the seat. Most comfortable furniture you find in the United States has the back of the chair at a small angle to the seat. This is one of the reasons having furniture custom made is desirable most of the better wood shops here are capable of making the more comfortable furniture but this uses a little more wood and what they produce for the furniture store needs to be a cheap as possible to be able to sell here.

Custom Furniture

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the possibility of having custom furniture made. Much of the furniture you will find in the local stores is made by local craftsmen. Search around town a little and you are likely to find the places that are supplying the store.

The price for custom furniture is normally about the same as the price for buying the furniture in the store but you are able to choose your own wood and make design changes. This is especially nice when you are looking cabinets, armoires, book shelves and other furniture that you are wanting to make fit in a particular location of your home.

Dominican Mahogany

There are several types of wood that are available locally. One of the more exotic woods is the Dominican Mahogany. While most of the mahogany you find in stores in the United States is a reddish mahogany than turns to a brown color as you change viewing angles, Dominican mahogany goes from a silver to a brown color.

Mahogany is a tight grained hard wood that makes for beautiful furniture, especially when combined with one of the pure white woods that are found in the DR. In most cases the wood isn’t stained, just a coat of varnish (actually 3-4) is sufficient to bring out the natural beauty of this wood.

If you like carving, Dominican mahogany is an excellent wood. It is very tight grained, little or no knots or blemishes. Dominican Mahogany often has sections of white wood mixed in with the dark silver/brown wood which adds more contrast to the already beautiful wood.

Of course it is going to be a little more expensive to have them use Mahogany then other more common woods but the effect is well worth the extra cost.