The recent storms seem to have eased the recent drought in the DR. While the continual sunshine is good for the tourist sector, it has caused some problems for farmers which rely on the rain for their crops.

The increase of rain shouldn’t affect your plans to visit the DR. In most cases rain storms here only last a short while before being replaced by sunshine. Usually if you are on the beach a passing rain shower is a good time to head out into the water for a while (you’re going to be getting wet anyway). Of course that advice doesn’t apply for thunderstorms or major storms, for those it’s best to take cover for a while, perhaps to find a restaurant to get something to eat while you wait out the passing storm.

One thing that is a bit annoying for many tourists is the increased humidity that comes with the rain. Often a cloud will pass over on a warm day and dump some rain and quickly leave. Of course when the sun comes out again all that water ends up turning into humidity, once again, no problem when you are on the beach but can be a little heavy when you are shopping.

Prepare for rain

If you are planning to do some shopping it doesn’t hurt to bring an umbrella for your trip. Umbrellas double as both a way to keep dry in the rain and a way to stay out of the sun when it is hot. I’m pretty much in the habit of almost always having a compact umbrella with me as I travel through the country. When the rainfall is at its normal level rainstorms can happen unexpectedly as is typical with most island.