If you only want to stay in the Dominican Republic for several months to a year, it’s possible you don’t want to buy everything new. Likewise when it’s time to go, you probably would like to sell your furniture, stove, fridge, inversor (invertir) and other larger items. There are several large online classifieds in the DR where you can buy and sell.

Most notably, yes craigslist does have a site for the Dominican Republic; you use the Santo Domingo Craigslist (Santo Domingo Craigslist). And yes, it is in English, although many of the ads will be in Spanish.

Some of the other sites you might want to try are:

You will find that most of the classified ads list the prices in the Dominican Peso, which trades for about 36-36 pesos to one USD.

These ads cover the entire country, so if you find something you like there might be a little travel involved. The advantage is that while there are computers and internet throughout the country, the newspapers are only found in the larger cities, so you get far more visibility out of these free ads then you do with printed ads that you have to pay for.

Caribbean Islands Classifieds

There are also a number of Classified sites catering to the Caribbean Islands in general. While these probably won’t work real well for smaller items, larger items like cars, boats, personal water craft, RVs, furniture and more unique item might go well on these sites.