One commonly used way to ship items from the US is to fill large drums and crates with items and have it shipped here from New York or Florida. This is widely used by small businesses in the DR to bring in used clothes and other items to be sold in small tiendas and flea markets. This is also commonly used by foreign residents to bring items in from the States for their own personal use. A new ban by the Dominican Customs Agency may cause you problems if this is one of the ways you use to get things from the US.

Used Clothing Ban

Apparently this law actually went into effect about 39 years ago, but has been pretty much ignored and wasn’t enforced by customs. Recently customs officials sent notices out to the large shopping companies handling this form of shipping like Salcedo Carco Express and Diaspora stating that the ban is to go into effect on Aug 1 (today).

While it would appear that this ban is meant to only affect people that are having large amounts of used clothing shipped into the DR to be sold, this could easily affect anyone having items shipped into the DR by drums or crates so you might want to talk to the shipping company to see how this might affect you before you start packing your drum.

Dominican Customs

The information I based this post from came from a Dominican News agency. I have tried to get additional information from the DR Customs Agency from their website but so far have been unable to confirm this report or find more details. At this point it is probably best take this as a possible problem and contact your shipping company for more details being that they are the ones who received the notices.