The Consorcio Colonia hotel in Santiago is one of the lower priced hotels in the city. This is probably not a hotel you’re going to go to on your honeymoon (at least if you are wanting to keep her happy). It is however a pretty good budget motel. If you are staying in one of the luxury beach hotels or all-inclusive hotels around the Dominican Republic and are looking for a low cost place to stay for an overnight excursion to Santiago this is probably a good choice.

We found the rooms in the Colonia to be clean and the beds to be relatively comfortable. The staff was not overly friendly but they were also not difficult to work with and tolerated our inability to speak Spanish fluently pretty well. The best part was that the rooms were cheap. They go from $500 pesos (about $15 USD) to about $1200 pesos ($33 USD) per night. The difference was if you wanted air conditioning, a fan, a mini refrigerator or a TV in the room.

We chose to spring for the deluxe room, $1144.00 pesos covered 4 people (2 queen beds). Well, about 10 minutes after getting into the room the power went off. This is pretty common for the DR, however the higher priced motels have alternate sources of power so you are not affected by the daily power outages. It was about time to go find something to eat anyway so we ventured out in search of food. By the time we got back the power was back on and it seemed to stay on for the rest of the night. When we asked, it sounded like they have a deal with the city where they always get power after 7:30 pm. So you will probably not be stuck in the dark.

One thing we insist on in a hotel room is for it to be clean. That is something Dominicans do pretty well. You will see trash all over in the streets, but once you get into a building it is kept very clean. Our room was no exception, everything was neat and clean.

As expected with a low price motel here it was not in perfect repair. Once again this is very common for the DR. There was a “Shower Head” however the insides were gone so the water just came pouring out of the pipe. One of the lamp fixtures was hanging by the wires out of the ceiling, and although others in the group claimed to get hot water, I was not one of the more fortunate ones, let’s say my shower was “refreshing”.

The motel was conveniently located toward the middle of Santiago, but not quite close enough to all of the night life locations to walk so you would need to take a Taxi, or public car, but those are easy to come by here. It was also about 2 blocks away from a small GuaGua station so if you are coming in from out of town on one of the smaller guagaus it can drop you off pretty close to the motel. You will likely need to catch a public car or taxi if you are coming in with one of the tour busses.

Would I stay there again? Yes.
If you are just looking for a cheap place to stay the night to save your money for going out and visiting Santiago, the Colonial works fine. If you plans are for a romantic night in the motel, this is probably not where you want to be.

This Hotel review was based on our stay on April 10, 2010

Contact information
Consorcio Colonial de Luxe S.R.L.
Salvado Cucurullo Nos 113 y115
Santiago, R.D