Claro has quite a few access numbers you can use to access different services from your cell phone. These include was to check your balance, add new minutes, and activate or de-activate Claro Services.

Claro internet services can be a bit confusing, often they don’t even understand them in the larger Claro offices. For more information on what Claro offers for internet read Understanding Claro Internet Services. If you are looking into the Claro wireless internet you might also be interested in reading about the differences in the two routers Claro offers the ZTE MF30 and the ZTE MF29. For more information on this check out ZTE MF30 vs ZTE MF29

Access Number


Asterisk (*)123# + PIN Number + # Send

Or 1133 Send

This is the easiest way to use the cards that you buy from colmados and other sources to recharge your phone. When completed the sceen on your phone will show your current ballance and any bonuses you recieved.

If you dial 1133 send you will need to follow the prompts in Spanish and then dial in the pin number.

Asterisk (*)122# + Send

This will display on your phone all of your balance information including minutes and data

Asterisk (*) 22 + Send

After you hit send you will connect to an automated recording that gives you your balance information in Spanish

Asterisk (*) 91 + Send
Assistance service



Report a lost or stolen Card

Change Passwords.

Asterisk (*) 99 + Send

Voicemail (or 809-200-0807 from a landline)

Asterisk (*) 72 (*) (*) 21+ Telephone Number + # + Send

Asterisk (*) 73 (*) 21 (*) + Telephone Number + # + Send

Call Forwarding

* Note With this service, incoming and outgoing calls will be charged the price of domestic and international service you have contracted.

Asterisk *33 + Lock Code (0000) + Send Blocking all the outgoing calls
#333* Lock Code + # + Send Unlock all outgoing calls

Asterisk*331*+ Lock Code + # + Send
Blocking all outgoing international calls

#331*Code + # + Send
Unlock all outgoing international calls

Asterisk (*) 23 + Send
Changing the menu language (this will start in Spanish, at the
end of the message press 2 to change to English)
Asterisk (*) 556 + Send

Tell me service

Asterisk (*) 777+ Send
Activation / Modification
Super Favorite

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