Seems to be a bad day for the meet industry today. Two ongoing wars seem to be happening. The first is about the prices of chicken in the Dominican Republic and the second is it is rumored that that some of the salami here may be unhealthy (gasp!)

Chicken Boycott

With the prices of chicken continually on the rise there have been threats over the last few weeks about organized boycotts of the meat until the price goes down. Today, a boycott has been planed due to the prices reaching over $55 per pound (that’s in pesos, not USD).

Tainted Salami

Personally, Dominican Salami is one of my favorite products here. Still it is no surprise that it probably isn’t one of the healthiest foods available. The Consumer Protection Agency has stated that some the brands and factories make salamis with additives, dyes and preservatives which pose a health threat. Not good news in my opinion.

While I do try to keep my salami intake down to a reasonable level, it would be nice to know what I’m eating isn’t a “health threat”. The North region’s meat processors has asked the Consumer Protection Agency to be a bit more specific and to name the exact brands and factories that are causing the threat and not just leave it with a blanket it’s all bad type of statement.

I look forward to seeing the results of both of these issues, lower meat prices is always good and I want my Dominican Salami back!