The Viettel Group is courting the Dominican Republic in an effort to be one more internet and cellular provider in the DR. Viettel was founded in Hanoi Vietnam in 2004 and has operations in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique and also in Haiti under the name Natcom. As of 2012 Viettel has over 60 million subscribers using 2g BTS and 3G Node B. One thing that will make this interesting for the Dominican Government is Viettels willingness to offer free internet to the schools here.

Under the name Natcom, Viettel became the majority owner of Teleco the National Telecommunications Company of Haiti with 40% of Teleco still being owned by the Haitian government. Over the past few years Natcom has lived up to its promise of providing free internet to the public schools and is even offering university students free internet with over 50,000 sim cards. Natcom has also expanded the fiber optic network with over 3,000 km of cable connecting key location in the country.

If the DR agrees to allow Viettel into the country it will have to compete with the larger, more established companies like Claro and Orange as well as Wind Telecom, Tricom and Viva. At this point Viettel is only looking to commit about 300m (USD) into operations in the Dominican Republic.