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Custom Dominican Work Bike

Custom Dominican Work Bike

Stop by a welding shop here and they will customize your motorcycle how ever you want it. Bring a couple different vehicle parts and they will weld it on for you!

It’s pretty amazing to see the creativity some people have when customizing their motors. Often it is with large wood boxes to hold bread, produce, live chickens, just about everything.

This custom front end is welded to a small Honda Cub. The blue bottles you see in front is fresh water. You can’t drink most of the water you find here so you have to buy it at a store. Transportation to and from a colmado can be a bit tough….. Unless you have customized your bike!

Mom riding a Baby on a Goat

Baby on a Goat



I thought this was a cute picture!


It’s pretty common to see Goats and other livestock on the streets in the Dominican Republic, but this is the first time I’ve seen a baby ridding a goat. Of course mom is helping.


I’m guessing the goat is glad the baby is at least wearing a diaper!

Dominican Family on a motorcycle

Dominican Family Transportation

Transportation can be a little more interesting in the DR than you will find in the more developed countries. It is pretty common to see a whole family on one bike. Hard to believe but this is n’t the most crowded bike I have seen. 🙂

The family bike also doubles as a pickup. It’s not uncommon to see 15 gallon propane tanks, wash machines, pigs, calves, tables, couches, just about everything.

This is also considered a pretty good sized bike. Small scooters from 50cc to 100cc are very common as well as Honda Cubs and other very small bikes. For the average Dominican a 125cc bike is considered a large bike.

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