Spanish Singer-Songwriter Julio Iglesias De la Cueva was seen in Higuey at a court appearance with a Higüey Judicial District Instruction judge. No word as to why Iglesias had the court appearance.

Julio Iglesias is an investor for the resort Group Puntacana in Punta Cana where it is said that he spend much of his time when not on tour.

Igleasias gained much notoriety with his solo singing career (more…)

Día de la Altagracia or “Day of Our Lady of Altagracia” is a feast day and annual public holiday celebrated on January 21. This holiday is based around a portrait that is kept in the “The Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia” in the city of Salvaleón of Higuey or just Higuey which is located near Punta Cana in the DR.

Thousands of devotees make the trek to Higuey to visit the idol making offerings and to ask favors using the portrait for their worship. This celebration is now a blend of African religions and Catholicism. Dominicans recite prayers, play African influenced music, sing hymns and dance. (more…)

Higuey is an inland city located in the southeast portion of the Dominican Republic. Higuey is most known as a pilgrimage center with visitors going to the “Shrine of the Virgin” also called “Basilica de Nuestra Senora”. The impact this shrine has had on Dominican culture can be seen by the fact that a picture of it is prominently display on the back of the 50-peso bill.

While there are several nice Hotels in Higuey many of which are reasonably priced. It is not as likely to be a place where you will spend an extended vacation, although it might be a good stopover for those interested in viewing religious architecture or as a religious destination if you are on a pilgrimage. La Basilica is a fairly new monument only built in 1971. It is of French design and was built to replace a sanctuary built in 1572 at the same location. (more…)

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