Path of forcasted Hurricane Sandy map

Path of Tropical Storm (hurricane) Sandy

On Monday October 22 2012 Tropical depression Sandy strengthened into a tropical storm. This storm is expected to pass directly over Jamaica and Cuba and reach the Bahamas Thursday of Friday.

While still considered a tropical storm there is a good chance that Sandy will be a hurricane by the time it reaches Jamaica> Hurricane warnings are in affect for Jamaica and the Cuban provinces of Camaguey, Las Tunas, Granma, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Guantanamo.

There are also tropical storm warnings in effect for Haiti, and the Central Bahama with a tropical storm watch in effect for the Southeast Bahamas and the NorthWestern Mahamas. At this time there is also a Tropical Storm watch for the southeast Bahamas, Florida Bay, the east coast of Florida from Jupiter Inlet to the Ocean Reef and the Florida Upper Keys from Ocean Reef to Craig Key.

(forcasted) Hurricane Sandy Path

Sandy is expected to strengthen to a Hurricane before it reaches Jamaica later this afternoon and continue as a hurricane as it passes over Jamaica and Cuba. It is expected that Sandy will weaken to a tropical storm as it passes over Cuba and remain a tropical storm as it passes over the Bahamas Friday and Saturday (10/26/12 and 10/27/12).

Maximum sustained winds are currently (as of 10/24/12) near 70 mph with the storm force winds extending outward 140 miles from the center of the storm. Maximum winds are expected to reach 80 mph as (what would be hurricane) Sandy passes over Jamaica.

Hurricane Sandy Slams the DR

As an update to this report Hurricane Sandy has caused thousands of evacuations, road closures, school closures, canceled international flights from one of the Santo Domingo international Airports (Higuero International Airport (aili) north of Santo Domingo) and a country wide power outage. And this is only from being swept by one of the spires. (For more information read Hurricane Sandy Slams the DR).

Something to be aware of if you are planning on traveling to the Dominican Republic over the next few months. Those fireworks that you find for sale on the streets are illegal to use here. While it is probably pretty unlikely that you would get caught, it is usually a good idea to obey the laws in countries you visit.

Haitian Fireworks for the Holidays

Over the next few months the smuggling of fireworks from Haiti into the Dominican Republic increases and they becoming easier and easier to find. Often they are used as part of the various celebrations in the upcoming months.

Carbide and Water bombs


The Viettel Group is courting the Dominican Republic in an effort to be one more internet and cellular provider in the DR. Viettel was founded in Hanoi Vietnam in 2004 and has operations in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique and also in Haiti under the name Natcom. As of 2012 Viettel has over 60 million subscribers using 2g BTS and 3G Node B. One thing that will make this interesting for the Dominican Government is Viettels willingness to offer free internet to the schools here.

Under the name Natcom, (more…)

Area of Isaac tropical storm winds 8/24/12 8am

Area of Isaac tropical storm winds 8/24/12 8am

(8/24/12) After a relatively peaceful night in the DR Tropical Storm Isaac’s storm force winds have reached the coast of the Dominican Republic. Wind speeds are considerably lower than predicted with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph instead of the expected 75+ mph hurricane force winds.

Tropical Storm Force Winds Reach the Coast

As seen from the illustration the 50mph winds (area in orange) are up against the southern coast of the Dominican Republic as of 8am Friday morning with the general path of the storm moving in a westernly direction. Later today the path of the storm is expected to return to it’s west by northwest direction taking it over a portion of Haiti.

It was expected that Tropical Storm Isaac would have gathered considerably more strength by this time. At this point the hurricane warnings and watches have been dropped for the Dominican Republic leaving only tropical storm warnings, although there is still a hurricane watch for Haiti.

Preparation for Isaac


I don’t often write an entire post around a video, but I found this video to be interesting. If you are interested in learning about the Dominican Culture and people this video does a great job of describing the views of Dominican toward their culture and heritage.

It is interesting to note that the Dominicans are not the indigenous people of this island; this goes the same for the Haitians. Both are actually a mix of Africans that were brought in as slaves and French for Haiti and Spain for the Dominican Republic.

Even with this heritage in mind, Dominicans do not count themselves as black. (more…)

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