If you are planning to visit Dajabon to check out the Haitian market there it would be a good idea to put that trip on hold. The market is all but shut down this week and protest are being held in the city due to the Dominican Government restricting access into the Dominican Republic from the Neighboring Haitian town of Quanaminthe into Dajabon.

At this point there doesn’t appear to be much violence in the protests on the Dominican side, mostly the burning of tires (a Dominican Favorite activity when upset) and crowds gathering that need to be dispersed. Still, it is not recommended for foreigners to be in the area when there are protests, it doesn’t take much for them to turn violent and foreigners if present are an easy and visible target.

Haitian Market

One of the main reasons foreigners check out Dajabon is for the Haitian market that is open twice a week on (more…)

During a recent bike trip with my son we made a quick stop at Dajabon. Dajabon is one of the border cities between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. While this wouldn’t be considered one of the safest tourist locations there are some points of interest in Dajabon.

A couple days a week there is free movement across the Rio Masacre as items are moved to be sold mostly on the Dominican Republic side of the river. Large shipments of canned and Jarred food items a well as clothing make their way to Haiti as relief shipments which are often sold at the border and then shipped throughout the Dominican Republic. Much of this can be purchased at the market area near the border. Food and other items from the Dominican Republic are also sold to be shipped across the border to Haiti.

During the rest of the time the border gate is closed to most traffic and border fences are set up to at least provide a line between the two countries although these could easily be passed. In fact while we were standing next to the fences (shown below) a young Haitian boy (about 10) crossed the river and started begging for money. (more…)

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