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One of the things that surprised me when I first moved to the Dominican Republic is the openly gay community that you find here. While politically the Dominican Republic appears to be rather neutral, the predominant religion of the country Catholicism has historically been, at least publically, against same sex couples. Even with this pressure against this sexual orientation, homosexuality is more prevalent in the D.R than in any other country in the Caribbean.

While in the United States the more showy gay men (flamers) are usually only seen in the larger cities, it is not uncommon to see men in traditionally women’s clothing even in the smaller towns of the D.R. For the most part Dominicans are tolerant of this culture (either locals or foreign visitors), although there is frequent reports of “Gay Bashing”, either verbal or physical, reported in the news. It is not uncommon to meet younger men (15-20 years old) that are obviously experimenting with “alternate lifestyles”, even in the smaller towns.

Like the U.S. homosexuality is even more frequently observed in the larger cities, especially the ones that receive large amounts of tourist traffic. Prostitution, both straight and gay is open and readily accessible in most of the beach and tourist towns. (more…)

No doubt while on a Dominican beach you are going to want some snacks and cold drinks. At many of the beaches like Boca Chica, Sosua, and others there are vendors on the beach happy to serve you while you lay there. That can get a bit expensive though. The price of a beer or food is usually 50% to 100% higher than you will pay if you walk up the street a block and buy it at a colmado. So what do you do when you go to the beach in the States? Bring a cooler of course!

Now, that can be a bit tougher when you are on a vacation and everything you bring has to be able to pack into a suitcase, but not impossible! (more…)

Area of Isaac tropical storm winds 8/24/12 8am

Area of Isaac tropical storm winds 8/24/12 8am

(8/24/12) After a relatively peaceful night in the DR Tropical Storm Isaac’s storm force winds have reached the coast of the Dominican Republic. Wind speeds are considerably lower than predicted with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph instead of the expected 75+ mph hurricane force winds.

Tropical Storm Force Winds Reach the Coast

As seen from the illustration the 50mph winds (area in orange) are up against the southern coast of the Dominican Republic as of 8am Friday morning with the general path of the storm moving in a westernly direction. Later today the path of the storm is expected to return to it’s west by northwest direction taking it over a portion of Haiti.

It was expected that Tropical Storm Isaac would have gathered considerably more strength by this time. At this point the hurricane warnings and watches have been dropped for the Dominican Republic leaving only tropical storm warnings, although there is still a hurricane watch for Haiti.

Preparation for Isaac


Map of Tropical Storm Issac 8/22/12

Map of Tropical Storm Issac 8/22/12

(8/21/12) Tropical Storm Issac is moving up through the leeward islands on a direct course to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The storm is expected to pass by Puerto Rico Thursday and start affecting the Dominican Republic Thursday evening to early Friday.

As of the 2pm AST report on wed, aug 22 the center of tropical storm Issaac is about to pass over the leeward islands with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph.

Isaac Reaches the Dominican Republic

We’ve started a new post with the updated information on Tropical Storm Isaac once it reached the Dominican Republic. Check Isaac hits the Dominican Republic for the latest information.

Isaac Hurricane watch as of 8/22/12

Isaac is expected to reach hurricane strength as it is passing by Puerto Rico Thursday. There is a Hurricane watch for Puerto Rico, Vieques, culebra and the US and British Virgin Islands.

There is also a hurricane watch for the entire southern coast of the Dominican Republic from Isal Saona west to Haiti including La Romana, Boca Chica and Santo Domingo.

Isaac Tropical Storm Watch

The entire north Coast of the Dominican Republic is under a Tropical Storm Watch (more…)

One of the major drawbacks to living in or traveling to a “developing country” is the crime and the inconsistency of law enforcement. If you have been here for a while or have read the news about the Dominican Republic you likely know what I am talking about. As foreigners, we stand out as targets. The majority of the local population don’t have a lot of money, and in the opinion of most residents of the DR, all foreigners or extranjeros are rich.

Dangers traveling from the Airport

Recently there have been alerts from the US Embassy in Santo Domingo about persons in taxis, public cars and guagua being stopped and robbed by people dressed as Police while traveling from the Las Americas International Airport near Santo Domingo to nearby hotels and even when traveling to private homes. This is one report which involved Airline Employees traveling to a hotel (more…)

Well, this little piece of news should be spurring the young Dominican males to even greater heights of frenzy when it comes to baseball. The Rangers have been reported to have signed on a 16 year old out fielder from the Dominican Republic, out fielder Nomar Mazara and to the tune of a little over 5 Million.

Boca Chica Hotels

Boca Chica Map

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Boca Chica Beach is a beautiful beach in the South of the Dominican Republic. White sands, crystal clear water that slowly gets deeper. When the sun goes down this is one of the great party spots of the Dominican Republic as Duarte Street closes down to vehicle traffic and becomes one huge Night Club.

Boca Chica is also located close to the capital Santo Domingo, which makes it a great stopover beach when you get off your flight. A cab will take you right to your motel and the next morning when you get up, you are either a short walk to the beach or right on the beach depending on which motel you choose.

Calypso Beach Hotel

Calypso Beach Hotel

The Calypso Hotel is a smaller hotel located about a 5-minute walk from Boca Chica’s beach. While walking to the beach from the hotel you walk down streets lined with some of the local artwork most of it having an island flavor to it and also quite good.

One of the advantages of having the hotel a little ways away from the beach is that it is also a little ways from the very noisy Calle Duarte (Duarte street) where most of the Boca Chica nightlife is centered around. It would be hard to call anywhere in the Dominican Republic “quiet” but the small distance from the particularly loud areas help.

One of the main highlights of this charming little hotel are the employees. We got to know several of them pretty well in our stay; all are friendly and do their best to make your stay enjoyable. If you stop by, say hi to Andreas, Rafael and Rosa for us! The staff also goes to great efforts to make sure that the hotel is clean at all times. The pool and the patio areas are well maintained and comfortable.

Boca Chica Beach Sunset

Boca Chica Beach Sunset

Boca Chica beach is located on the southern coast of the island of Hispaniola. It’s a unique reef-protected lagoon of tranquil blue waters and powder-white sand. It is perfect for families with children as it is only waist deep even up to a mile from the shore and hardly ever there are waves. The crystal clear and shallow water are great for swimming and snorkeling, paddle boating, kayaking, especially around the coral reefs. Boca Chica has two small islands, Los Pinos and La Matica (later there maybe something more about those two islands).

Boca Chica has a many Hotels and all inclusive resorts within walking distance of the beach. For a list check out our Boca Chica Hotel Reviews.

Boca Chica is the most crowded beach of the Dominican Republic especially on weekends and holidays because it is only 19 miles away from the capital city – Santo Domingo. Only Monday morning the beach is empty and cleaned up of any trash left from the day before. It is so close to the capital that it pays off to go there even for one day. It is small and basically everywhere you can get on foot. You can always take a motoconcho for 10 pesos and they will take you whenever you want to. If anyone gets tired of the beach, it is also close to other places such as a small horseshoe bay that offers great boogie boarding or if you are interested in playing golf, there is San Andres Caribe Golf Club in the area.

Boca Chica Beach Video

People call it “shopping beach”, (more…)

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