Located about mid way down the main Cabarete farrow way, Casanova is one of my favorite places to eat whenever I’m there. I actually think about the place even when I’m not in town, which is why I’m writing about it, biding my time until I can talk friends into a nice weekend or day trip.

The Look
The Middle Eastern Bohemian décor is lovely. The crème colored couches and assorted tables scattered below palm trees create a wonderful atmosphere for sitting and chilling with friends as kite boarders add splashes of color to the oceanic background scenery. And at night it is particularly striking. They hang lamps out as you sit under the stars, listen to music as it waifs over from outdoor speakers, and chat.

The Food
The Casanova the pizza is always a favorite with many in our dining group. There are several types that they offer, including a tropical ham and pineapple, vegetable, pepperoni, and meat lovers. Each one has thin crust and a fair amount of whatever toppings that are ordered with it.

I am personally more of a pasta person, and among the several dishes that they do that I like are the traditional Fettuccine Alfredo, Penne Bolognese, Rigatoni Bolognese, and Spaghetti Carbonara.

When people I’m with get one of the assorted wraps they have been well commented on, and the portion is sufficient for one moderately hungry person. They are light and crisp, making them a particularly nice choice on a hot day, when something warm and heavy is not what you want.

They also offer a few salads, but since my friends and I generally follow the trusty third-world rule of staying away from salads I’m no good judge of these. If it’s any help, they look good and are amply portioned.

All the frou-frou drinks, like the piña colada and margaritas, are good. They always keep the beer good and cold, so they are particularly refreshing and welcome on a hot day. However, I’ve always been sorely disappointed by any of the mixed drinks when I get one. They are expensive, use cheap alcohol, and leave me wishing I’d just got a beer instead.

The Service
I’m going to preface what I’m about to say by stating a universal truth – you can’t expect exceptional service in a third world country. That being said, I’ve had some very good service at Casanova and some very bad, depending on the server I’ve got at the time. However, that’s about par for all of the restaurants on the beach, so it’s not any better off anywhere else.

The Price
The prices are comparable to other restaurants along the strip when it’s not happy hour, charging between $250.00-$600.00 RD ($6.94-$16.60 US) per meal. Happy hour is another matter altogether. Between 4-6pm they offer everything on the Casanova menu, with a couple exceptions, at half price.

Hours and Contact Information
They are open from 4pm-12am daily, and for more information you can call 1-809-963 0295.

Cabarete is a seaside town about 24 miles (38.5km) of Puerto Plata