Casa Club

Casa Club Main Entrance

Those of us living in the interior parts of the DR can’t always get to a beach when we want to cool off on a hot summer day in the Caribbean. That’s where some of the pools come in handy. This week our group decided to visit the Casa Club pool in La Vega, Dominican Republic.

The Casa Club is actually a pretty big place with a large Multipurpose room that can fit about 2000 people, at least 2 glass walled areas sectioned off for smaller weddings and meetings and events, a smaller private bar area located below the main club area and even 15 Villas that can be rented in addition to the pool area.

For this trip we were just looking for the pool. The pool area was clean and well maintained There were bathrooms nearby and of course an “in-pool” bar where you can sit on the concrete “bar Stools” in the water and relax while having a drink. The bar appeared to open up at about 4pm. 4pm was also the time that things started to get far more active. When you check out the videos below you will see a marked difference between the first video which was pre-4pm and what the pool looks like rather soon after 4pm. If you are looking for a calmer relaxing time, you might want to call ahead and ask how packed the pool usually is on the day and time you plan on going.

The pool was well designed for families. There are three separate areas (all basically part of the same pool). The top section is only a foot-2 foot deep and is great for small kids. This part overlooks the wading pool that is about 2-4 foot deep (varies), and the wading area transitions into the deeper swimming area where the bridge crosses (this will make more sense when you look at the pictures.

We got there on a Monday on an overcast day. Basically our group had the whole pool for the entire day up to 4pm. The staff was friendly and allowed us to choose the music we wanted. At 4pm the music changed to Reggaeton. There are plenty of tables, chairs and reclining chairs to relax on (at least before the place gets too crowded.

Casa Club Villas (rental houses)

The Casa Club also has at least 15 villas or rental properties. They call them Villas Turisticas (tourist houses). These come in three different classes.

  1. Family Villa A – 3 rooms, 2 story, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, porch, and balcony
  2. Family Villa B – 2 rooms, 2 story, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, porch, and balcony
  3. Villa – 1 rooms, 1 story, 1 bathrooms, kitchen, porch, and balcony

Food at Casa Club

The club area also serves food as well as drinks. All prices are in Dominican Pesos. To get an idea of what this would mean in US Dollars divide by the current exchange price which is about 37-39 pesos for the dollar. Basically the prices are pretty high here. We didn’t buy food so I can’t give an idea on quality (perhaps a reader can share his experience in the comments of this post.

  • Pizza Prices ranged from $420 – $470 for a grande, $20 – $350 for medium and $210 – $225 for small.
  • Sandwiches ranged from $90 for cheese and $250 for a club sandwich
  • There is a wide selection of Fish and shrimp. Prices ranged from $250 – $450
  • Salad from $45 – $100 (chicken)
  • Spaghetti from $100 – $150
  • There is a pretty good selection of meats including Filet Mignon for $360 and several other cuts

Pictures of the pool, villas and event areas

Videos of Casa Club Pool

Video of Casa Club Multipurpose Hall

Casa Club Contact Information

On the main freeway running passed La Vega (Autopista Duarte) take the exit for Jarabacoa (28) and follow the road out of Le Vega. Casa Club is on the right hand side a couple miles up the road to Jarabacoa.

Casa Club

Bayacanes, La Vega, Dominican Republic (RD).
Email – or
Phone – 809-242-6796 or 809-242-6411