There’s Chicago style pizza, New York style pizza, California style pizza and then there is Dominican style pizza…….. There are many things that Dominicans do great, but sorry guys pizza isn’t one of them…

Casa Asup Pizzeria

Casa Asul Pizzeria - Our New Pizza Favorite

Casa Azul

Then we come across Casa Azul in Las Terrenas. Well, it was made by Dominicans and very friendly ones but the result? Well, let’s say I’ve found a new favorite place to get a pizza! This pizza was made in an actual stone oven giving it a slight smoky flavor and as to be expected with stone oven pizzas you get the small close to burnt spots on the crust (something that many feel marks a truly great pizza) which actually adds to the flavor.

The sauce was flavorful pizza sauce not the ketchup sauce that is frequently found in many pizzerias in this country. It was layered on a relatively thin, crisp crust that took in some of the smoke flavor from the oven.

There was sufficient cheese and the flavor was of authentic pizza cheese. I mention that because much of the cheese in the DR has a different flavor than you will normally find in the states. Now, I’ve come to like many of the different cheeses that you find in the Dominican Republic, but most have a somewhat sour after taste and not what I like on my Pizza. The blend of cheeses that Casa Azul uses is a delight.
Then of course comes toppings. I went with Pepperoni (they call it salami caliente here). They use an excellent flavored Pepperoni; while I wouldn’t call it packed with meat it was sufficient. My wife chose ham and mushroom and she was equally pleased.

Casa Azul Looking at beach

Casa Azul Looking at beach


The pizzas were more or less one to two person pizzas. I ate the whole pizza, my wife ate about half of hers. The price ranged from 260 pesos to a little over 300, so less that $10 USD per pizza. Well worth the price in my opinion and one of the less expensive meals you will find in Las Terrenas where you will find most dinner meals from $10 – $20 USD.

Location and View

As you will see from the pictures they are right on the beach. If it starts to rain you can sit under an overhang. You get a nice view of the beach and can see the lights of the various motels on one side. As you follow the main road next to the beach you will come across a Park like entrance to the beach with a few benches on a covered tile sitting area, Casa Azul is just past that.

In summary, we defiantly liked the food, atmosphere, service and prices, so this will be one of the places we will be coming to again in the future!

Below are some of the pictures we took. Unfortunately, we took these pictures during the evening and the camera we used doesn’t do well in low light. But for now this should give you an idea of the restaurant until we get a chance to come back for better pictures.