Magicjack continues to explode in popularity. The ease and cost effectiveness of using Magicjack to make long distance phone calls into the United States has turned this into a must have product for people living (or traveling) abroad and wanting to call friends and relatives in the states cheaply. Unfortunately some only hear about Magicjack once they get to the Dominican Republic. That can be a bit of a problem when buying and mailing items is a little problematic in the DR.

A while back Magicjack was emailing looking for distributers in the DR. While it doesn’t seem that too many Dominican companies decided to start selling them (I would have thought La Sirena would have been a good choice). One of Magic Jacks first distributers does have them available here. You can find Magic Jacks at the Santo Domingo Radio Shack. You can contact Radio Shack for directions by calling 809-596-6666 ‎or 809-682-8181. Now if you happen to be in the area of Port au Prince in Haiti you will also find a Radio Shack there, you can call for directions at 509-257-1087. While I do have reports of Magic Jacks usually being stocked at the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic store you may want to call ahead to the Haiti store first to make sure they stock them.

La Vega Location

As an update to this post, I recently came across a location in La Vega that stocks Magicjacks. This is actually a location where I’ve bought quite a few things from including cell phones and my Toshiba tablet computer. I just never noticed that he had Magicjacks at his counter. If you will be traveling any distance you might want to call ahead of time to make sure they have one, but I was told that they try to always have some in stock.
Energy Cell
Owner – Juana Saltitopa
#2 Villa Real
La Vega, Dominican Republic

More Magicjack Locations

For my readers, if you happen to come across other stores that stock Magicjacks leave a note in the comments section. It would be nice to find some other locations and cities that stock Magicjack.