Boruga de Leche Sounds exotic doesn’t it!

My son and I were given a new taste treat today. On our way home with a Dominican friend we stopped by a store on the side of the road and he bought us one of his favorite “juices” – Boruga de Leche.

To give you a hint Leche means milk. We brought a bit back for my wife and younger son to try. The vote. My wife – a pretty resounding never again. My older son and I gave it a middle of the ground, not bad and might buy it again, My youngest son said the taste was fine but the texture (kind of a slimy, lumpy drink), didn’t quite do it for him.

So, what is Boruga de Leche?

Essentially Boruga de Leche (sometimes also called dulce de leche) comes down to sweetened, fermented milk. If you took some liquidy yogurt, mix in some cottage cheese, add a little sugar and then let it ferment until it has a bit of a bite and make it liquidy enough to drink with a straw you have Boruga de Leche. YUMMY!!!

Actually, it’s not too bad. It was served cold in a large Styrofoam cup and I easily got mine down. My older son only got about half of his down.

So….. When you come to visit the DR. What are you going to say when someone offers you a Delicious Boruga de Leche?