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Boca Chica Beach is a beautiful beach in the South of the Dominican Republic. White sands, crystal clear water that slowly gets deeper. When the sun goes down this is one of the great party spots of the Dominican Republic as Duarte Street closes down to vehicle traffic and becomes one huge Night Club.

Boca Chica is also located close to the capital Santo Domingo, which makes it a great stopover beach when you get off your flight. A cab will take you right to your motel and the next morning when you get up, you are either a short walk to the beach or right on the beach depending on which motel you choose.

Here’s a list of the Boca Chica hotels. As we do reviews on the hotels we will link to them to help you choose the best one for you. Contact us if you would like to have your Hotel reviewed or if we are missing you on this list!

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Calypso Beach Hotel
20 de Diciembre , Boca Chica
(809) 523-4666
Calypso Beach Hotel Review
Mondo Vip Hotel
R Alvarez 21, Boca Chica
(809) 523-6962
Hamilton Hotel-Restaurant
J F P Gómez 15, Boca Chica
(809) 523-6731
Castello Italiano Hotel-Restaurant
J B Vicini 16, Boca Chica
(809) 523-6056
Villa Marianna Hotel
J B Vicini 11 , Boca Chica
(809) 523-4679
Mango Hotel
A Valenzuela 2, Boca Chica
809) 523-6477
Alondra Hotel-Restaurant
Sánchez 12, Boca Chica
(809) 553-4200
Don Juan Beach Resort
A Núñez 1, Boca Chica
(809) 221-4990
Zapata Hostal
A Núñez 27, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4777
Milan Resort
Proy II No 2, Los Coquitos, Boca Chica
(809) 686-0139
Marianna Hotel Villa
J B Vicini 11, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4679
Dominican Bay
J B Vicini 20, Boca Chica
(809) 412-2001
Hamaca Beach Resort
Duarte 1, Boca Chica
(809) 523-6548
Bella Rimini
J A Ozoria 35, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4406
Duarte 23, Boca Chica
(809) 523-545
Casa Coco
Dominguez 8, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4409
Domínguez 60, Boca Chica
(809) 523-5721
Joker Hotel
Av Las Américas Km 30, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4662
Pensión María
Duarte 13, Boca Chica
(809) 523-6307
El Tula Hotel-Restaurant
20 de Diciembre 2, Boca Chica
(809) 523-6055
Lindo Amanecer Hotel-Restaurant
Aut Las Américas, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4354
Blanca Hotel-Villa
San Rafael 10, Boca Chica
(809) 523-9612
Vista Tropical
Duarte 73, Boca Chica
(809) 523-5622
Neptuno’s Refugio
Duarte 17, Boca Chica
(809) 523-9934
Oasis de La Colina
Fco Del R Sánchez 9, Boca Chic
(809) 523-5544
Villa Sans Soucy
J B Vicini 48, Boca Chica
(809) 523-4461
Vista Hermosa Resort
Caracol 15, Boca Chica
(809) 523-9776