Well, this little piece of news should be spurring the young Dominican males to even greater heights of frenzy when it comes to baseball. The Rangers have been reported to have signed on a 16 year old out fielder from the Dominican Republic, out fielder Nomar Mazara and to the tune of a little over 5 Million.

Baseball is without a doubt the national sport here in the DR. It’s pretty much every kids dream to play in the Majors. Zoom in on any even remotely populated area in the country using Google maps and you are sure to find at least one baseball diamond.

Seems that most of the players that make it to the Majors leave their heart in the DR. During the off season for the majors you will find many of them playing somewhere near their hometown in the DR.

The Rangers have their Dominican complex in Boca Chica where they also exhibition-type games. The Rangers stated that Mazara be playing there for the rest of this summer and then join the instructional league in Surprise, Ariz., for the fall