Baia Blanca Hotel

Baia Blanca Hotel - Rio San Juan Beach - Gri-Gri lagoon

For someone who is looking for a relaxing place to take a vacation is the Baía Blana Hotel in Rio San Juan is just the place. This is literally one of my personal top five places to head to when I need a break from the city – a tucked away little spot that is a simple and affordable place to de-stress.

Comfort and Relaxation
Baía Blanca is a three story L-shaped building with around 30 rooms that can sleep from 2-4 people. Each room has a fan, wireless internet access, bathroom, TV, dresser and closet. Steady electricity is not a problem ether since the hotel has a generator. Most of the rooms face the ocean, with a lovely balcony area with comfortable couches for relaxing and socializing.
I prefer the rooms on the 2nd floor, especially the ones on ether end of the balcony, because I burn rather easily and the shade provided by the 3rd floor balcony shields me from evil UV rays. But, if you have skin that allows it and you prefer to bask in the glory of the gleaming sun, by all means go for the top floor. That balcony is a sun worshiper’s paradise. I’ll wave at you as you pass me on your way up…

Picturesque Seascapes
The ocean facing balconies are perfect places to sit and contemplate the serene beauty of the sea, and if you happen to be there late January to early March, it is a great spot to whale watch. Every year humpback whales travel from Alaska to Samana, DR to give birth, and Rio San Juan is en route. Many of the guests come around this time of year and sit on the couches with their binoculars and watch as the whales spout and break the surface of the water as they make their way.

Nearby Beaches and Activities
There are several beaches that are close to the hotel. Baía Blanca Beach is a little beach right beside the hotel – a great place to beach comb for seashells and sea glass in the early morning. Playa Grande is probably the best known beach in the area and a top spot on the island to surf and windsurf.

Food and Drinks
The hotel serves breakfast and dinner daily. The breakfasts are simple, but good, with the option of basic morning dishes like toast, pancakes, and the like. Dinner is a bit more elaborate, with pastas, and other dishes that are pretty tasty. My favorite part of any meal is dessert, and they have the best flan on the island. But, you have to request it in advance. Lunch can be bought from several nearby cafes and cafeterias.

Observations Location and Contact Information
Most guests come to Bahía Blanca for the express purpose of quiet relaxation and don’t appreciate loud neighbors. So, if you’re looking for a good party, you might want to consider going elsewhere. However, if rest and relaxation is just what you have in mind, this is the place for you.
And don’t tell all your friends about it. I want to still be able to get my 2nd floor corner room when I go, so let’s keep this between us, okay?

Baía Blanca is located at the back of Gri-Gri lagoon. For further information, call them at 809-589-2563.