Antony Santos is coming to Fantino December 10th 2010. Who is Antony Santos and where in the world is Fantino.

Well let’s start off with who is Antony Santos. He is one most famous Bachateros in the history of the Genre. His career started off in the early 90’s with the now famous Bachatero Luis Vargas. He is widely viewed as responsible for changing Bachata from the once poor people’s only music to the present day popular music that is listened too around the world.

This is rather important seeing Bachata is not only a genre of music, but also a popular dance style. If you have been to the Dominican Republic you have definitely see the influence Bachata has had in everyday life.


He also plays quite a bit of Merenge. Merenge is the other Dominican born music. It is characterized by its fast 2/4 beat, which you can’t help but dance to. Merenge has also been named as the nation genre of music for many years and continues to have much influence in dance style, both within the country and internationally.

Where in the world is Fantino?

Anyone in the country can tell you who Antony Santos is, but the more difficult question is, Where in the world is Fantino? We are often asked by people that live within in the country, What country is that in? Well, it is right in the center of the Dominican Republic.

It is a small town right in between La Vega and Cotui. So far I have not been able to find any statistics on what the population is, but I would say somewhere around 5,000. Definitely not the city, but large enough to be the hub of the smaller towns surrounding it and more importantly large enough to have a club to host an Antony Santos Concert.

The tickets are selling for 700 pesos (Around $20) at the door. So if you are interested in seeing one of the artists that made Bachata what it is today, you can come see him live December 10th in Fantino, Dominican Republic.