In most cases the Dominican Republic celebrity watch finds the stars visiting the DR beaches or checking out the DR nightlife. In this case though we find a star doing humanitarian relief. Angelina Jolie, goodwill envoy for the United Nations, was in Haiti Tuesday the 8th 2011 visiting Haitian Children in Port-au-Prince. This visit followed a visit on the 7th to the Dario Contreras trauma hospital in Santo Domingo treating another group of Haitian children.

As part of her visit to the Dominican Republic Mrs. Jolie met with the Dominican Republic’s President Leonel Fernandez.
On August 27 of 2001 Mrs, Jolie was named the UN Goodwill Ambassador and has since visited various locations like Kosova, Nambia, Kenya, Thailand, Colombia and Ecuador.

Angelina Jolie and her also famous husband Brad Pit founded the Jolie/Pit Foundation in 2006. Their foundation donated $1 million to Doctors Without Borders to help in relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.