About the Writers of DR – Dominican Republic
Originally, I’m from the United States, Northern California to be more precise.

My wife and I, as well as our two sons have moved to the Dominican Republic to a little town in the interior part of the country. We came here knowing almost nothing about the country and speaking very little Spanish but looking for a change from our fast paced California life style and we love it here.

This blog is dedicated to helping other get to know this beautiful country whether you are planning a vacation or you too are looking to find a place to slow down a little. I hope you enjoy this site on how I look at the Dominican Republic.

At times I will have other guest writers (mostly other need greaters or needgreaters) write some posts, these writers will all come from the DR and have personal experience living here. Some were born here others moved in from other countries.

You will find articles on the people, places to see, customs and in general what to expect to see when you get here and how to get the most of your visit. You will also find tips on staying healthy and safe, something that is often a little more complicated in a developing country like the Dominican Republic.

We travel quite a bit through the DR, so if you own a Hotel, Restaurant or other business that you would like me to write about email me and I will see about visiting your area. You can contact me at dr1@adacprogramming.com

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