While it may sound like a broken record recent news about health problems caused by drinking the water in Santiago reinforces the fact that you should not drink the water in the DR.

While at this time they are not able to confirm that the problem is actually cholera Santiago province public health director Ramon Martinez Henriquez put the blame on drinking the from the water supplied to the city residents by the city.

Whether the problem is caused by cholera or not, drinking tap water in the Dominican Republic can kill. In mid June of this year 9 people died due to Cholera like symptoms while only 4 were diagnosed this cholera.

While visiting the Dominican Republic it is important to remember to only drink bottled water, be careful of drinks with ice, and be careful or avoid vegetables or any other food that may have been washed in the local water.

This warning includes any uses of the water, don’t rinse your toothbrush with tap water, don’t eat from plates and dinnerware that have been recently cleaned and are still wet, avoid getting water in your mouth while in the shower, etc.

If you do find that you have diarrhea, don’t panic if it is mild or lasts only a short time, usually you can pick up a treatment at any pharmacy to counter parasites. If your symptoms include vomiting, heavy diarrhea that last more than once or twice, or serious abdominal pain, consider going to see a doctor.