Lifestyles Resort Puerto Plato

Lifestyles Resort Puerto Plato

If your looking to visit the Dominican Republic during this next year now is a good time to book at some of the all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Plato. There are two resorts offering deals right now both of the resort are going for $24 per night per person. For an all inclusive this is an excellent price. All-inclusive means that all food, drinks (including alcohol), tips, and the room is included at one price. This is one of the easiest ways to visit the Dominican Republic and helps to make sure that you can stay with in a budget without sacrificing what you want in a vacation.

Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort

I haven’t stayed at the Confresi yet. This is a newly opened resort that has 180 ocean side rooms. There are different rooms available some with kitchenettes, a hot tub in the room, and other extra features. All rooms include a King or double beds, air conditioning, mini bars (stocking is included with the all-inclusive price), hair dryers, TV’s and YES, HOT Water. Pretty funny that that has to be listed, but you will find many of the smaller hotels don’t have hot water although that is pretty rare fore the larger resorts.

The normal price for this resort is $99 per person per night. Usually with the sale price you get their lower priced rooms, in this case likely the a Jr. Suite. Likely the room will be one of the Garden view suites but this is often determined by how booked up the resort is during the time you go.

You can upgrade the price to include excursions like the nearby Ocean World park. There is also a Sky tram in Puerto Plato that is worth checking out. At the beach there are other activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, windboarding etc.

Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort

I’ve been to Lifestyles Resort a couple times now. I rate the food as good but not excellent. This is one of the biggest complaints you will find about the various resorts. For most of your meals you will probably be eating at the beach lounge area or at the buffet. Don’t expect the highest of gourmet food here and you won’t be disappointed. The food is at least as good as the average family restaurant in the U.S.

The restaurants where you have to get reservations are a bit better, although it can be tough to get into them. So far I’ve yet to be able to get reservations for the sea food restaurant. The Mexican food restaurant is pretty good but more of a Tex-Mex than a true Mexican style. I’ve heard the Chinese food restaurant is good but the food is pretty hot (spicy). Late night they open up a small lounge restaurant that overlooks the beach, and there is also a Sushi bar at the VIP lounge.

Make sure you get the VIP package, the drinks and service is much better in the VIP area.

Booking for the $24 Deal

While this deal comes on and off over the course of the year, you have to book when has the deal and that is only lasting for the next 12 hours (ends tonight 12/20/12). I usually see a seal similar to this come up 2-3 times per year, the lowest I’ve seen is $10 per night but I think those days are gone. Also this deal is only good for foreigners, we were planning on treating some of out Dominican Friends in the past but we would have had to pay full price for them. Lifestyles checks to make sure you have a passport when you check in. If not, you have to pay the difference between the sale price and full price even when you have already booked and paid for the room. If this this particular deal has expired, you can check my Resort Deals page to see if a new deal is being run.