Well, it looks like Tropical Storm Danny (Previously Hurricane Danny) might be a bit of a disappointment for those of us hoping to get some rain out of this storm. While it still looks like it will hit us in the couple days, the rainfall is already decreasing. Hopefully there will be enough left by the time it gets here to ease our drought a bit.

From the projections it looks like what is left of Danny will hit the lower part of the Dominican Republic. Still we might get a little up north.

Seems kind of strange talking about a drought on a Caribbean island but for the last couple months many of the smaller towns in the country have been without water supplied from the city. That means that in addition to paying the city for water (which we don’t get), we also have to pay water trucks to come in and fill our tenacos and cisterns. That can get pretty expensive.

Tropical Storm Erica

The good news is that there appears to be another storm brewing on the other side of Puerto Rico that might make it to the DR in the newt week or so! Right now there is about a 90% chance of this formation reaching the point of being named. If it does we will see the birth of the 2015 Tropical Storm Erica.